Predesigned book covers are an excellent solution for many new authors and those on a tight budget. They can also be a great solution for Reader Magnets. The same care that goes into my custom covers, goes into my predesigned covers. To be the first to know about new releases, join my facebook group.

A cover is only sold once.

After you purchase a cover, it is yours and only yours.

Title design is a critical to a professional cover, so I will integrate your title into the cover image. Please be aware of your title and how it could work on the predesigned cover; some of the covers require short titles. You will have a ready-to-publish ebook cover within 1-3 business days of ordering. If you would like to change a font  to match an existing series, just let me know.. If you buy more than one cover and want them to look like a series–I will use the same typestyle for the titles to brand the series for free.

Need a series? No problem. Most designs can be made into a series. Just ask.

Please don’t steal my titles. If you buy the cover, the title is yours. Until then, it’s mine.

“What if I don’t know the title, yet?”

No worries. I’ll send you the current cover as inspiration while you write. When you have the title, I’ll make the changes and send the files to you. (1-3 business day turn-around.) Sorry, but there are no refunds or exchanges for purchased premade covers.