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No. 4541 (Set of 6)


SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like to change all the models to Black/African-American, I have the stock images to make that happen. There isn’t an additional charge for this change, if you use the stock images I’ve already purchased.

This set will ONLY BE SOLD ONCE.
All text will be customized for your book, though you are welcome to keep the titles if you would like.
My name and website information will be removed.
Full size 1800×2700 pixels / 6×9 inches at 300dpi.
Full-Wraps are available for an additional $50.
This cover can be made into a series.
Provide your book’s information at check-out.
If you are purchasing a cover before the information is finalized, I will hold onto the cover until the info is ready.
Please see the How It Works guide for more information.

If you like the current title, you are welcomed to keep it!

By purchasing this cover, you are agree to’s Terms and Conditions which includes crediting Mariah Sinclair/ as the designer on the copyright page in your ebook and printed book.

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